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·       Seasoned Information Systems professional with 20+ years of diversified Analysis, Design, Programming, Implementation, Consulting, and Management experience focusing on the iSeries environment.

·       Ability to hit the ground running and make immediate contributions.

·       Excellent communication skills, self-motivated, quick learner, and team player.


TECHNICAL SKILLS (Representative Sample)

Hardware:      AS/400, iSeries, System 38, Sun

Software:        JDA MMS, LogPro, BPCS, Custom Legacy Systems, MS Project, MS Office

Tools/Misc:      Languages: SQL, RPG – all versions, CL, XML, CGI, JavaScript

Development: RDi, DBU, RLU, SDA, X-Analysis, Hawkeye

Testing: TestBench, soapUI

Communication: GETURI API, Email APIs, FTP, Data Queues, IFS APIs

Lifecycle Management: MKS Implementer, Aldon CMS

Third Party: JIRA, E-Dialog, Epiphany, PlanetPress




QBS Corporation, CT  (2003 – Present)


MBI Inc., CT  (May 2016 – Present)

iSeries Consultant

·       Migrating applications current written in Access and Excel to iSeries native code, saving on significant licensing fees.

·       Converting homegrown ERP system databases from DDS defined files to SQL driven DDL using tables, indexes, views, and triggers.

·       Replacing business logic using SQL views and Stored Procedures.

·       Utilizing SQL scalar functions, ranking, partitioning, and nesting to define complicated views.         

·       Converting existing paper-based reports to Excel/PDF, allowing reports to be distributed via email. 

Environment:  OMS, RPG, CL, SQL, Implementer, Hawkeye, DB2 Triggers, ILE functions and utilities, Email APIs, FTP/SFTP, RDi, IFS APIs


eBay Enterprise, PA  (Feb 2012 - May 2016)

Principal Software Engineer

·       Coordinated interfaces within multi-platform environment ensuring web orders validation, allocation, and fulfillment.

·       Made modifications to existing code to enable new configuration functions.  Conducted code reviews. Provided test scripts for user acceptance testing.

·       Participated in new development of enhancements to current JDA MMS transactional system with Omni-Channel functionality utilizing heavy XML messaging and GETURI API.  The new system is fully supportive of In-Store-Pickup, Ship-to-Store and Ship-from-Store retail modules.  

Environment:  JDA MMS , LogPro, RPG, CL, SQL,  Aldon ACMS , X-Analysis, DB2 Triggers, ILE functions and utilities, Email APIs, FTP/SFTP, soapUI, TestBench, RDI, JIRA, E-Dialog, Epiphany, GETURI and IFS APIs

GSI Commerce, PA  (Mar 2010 – Feb 2012)

iSeries Consultant

·       Participated in B2B multiple launches of major boutique retailers. 

·       Coordinated JDA MMS Sales Audit configuration and new development effort for client brand name line to be sold through third-party e-commerce solution.

Environment:  JDA MMS , LogPro, RPG, CL, SQL,  Aldon ACMS , X-Analysis, DB2 Triggers, ILE functions and utilities, Email APIs, FTP/SFTP, soapUI, TestBench, RDI, JIRA, E-Dialog, Epiphany, GETURI and IFS APIs


Tauck World Discovery, CT  (Feb 2008 – Jan 2010)

iSeries Consultant

·       Took part in database and application transformation project taking system from green screen and mostly flat file-based database to GUI  Java-based front-end relational DB2 using data access layers technique.  Modified legacy RPG code to access data using access layers, writing SQL and Free RPG based store procedures for data layers and Java Web Sphere services.  

Environment:  RPG, CL, SQL, WDSC, Code 400,  MKS Implementer, X-Analysis, DB2 Triggers, ILE functions and utilities, Email APIs, FTP


Duane Reade, NY  (Nov 2006 – Feb 2008)

iSeries Consultant

·       Created new Central Fill Inventory Replenishment application to provide the mechanism for replenishing from available RX inventory versus always supplying shortage from vendors.  An application was seamlessly integrated with JDA MMS database.   

·       Participated in new development and implementation of Store Labor Planning system.  JDA MMS add-on allowed stores to manage labor recourses more productively.  The system was seamlessly integrated with MMS and BlueCube database.  Robust forecasting functions allowed for streamlining new store opening procedures and planning.  Created multiple reporting tools for sales analysis, replenishment, loss prevention and inventory control subsystems.                  

Environment:  JDA MMS,  RPG, CL, SQL, Aldon CMS, MMS advanced logging, DB2 Triggers, ILE functions and utilities, Email APIs, FTP, ASC's SEQUEL


Mervyns, CA  (Sep 2006 – Nov 2006)

iSeries Consultant

·       Participated in new development and implementation of Supply Chain Management system.  An application is implemented under JDA MMS510 umbrella.  It provides an ability to track inbound ASN’s (856) and map it to the original PO’s (850).   It also provides the function for Trailer/Shipment (214) acceptance.  Created centralized repository for EDI errors (864) to provide the client with automated ability create Vendor Compliance Requests.           

Environment:  JDA MMS,  RPG, CL, SQL, SoftLanding Turnover CMS, DB2 Triggers, ILE functions and utilities, Crystal Reports


Cabela’s, NE  (Dec 2005 – Sep 2006)

iSeries Consultant & Team Lead

·       Participated in multi-channel transformation project implementing JDA MMS510. Implemented subsystems: Product, PO, Catalog, Costing, Pricing, Special Promotions, and Warehousing.

·       Project involved intensive project management, gap analysis, and application design.

·       Hands-on development used a variety of iSeries technologies, including FTP, TCP/IP, native programming languages ILE RPG and CL, Java, advanced printing protocols.

·       Used Web Methods to communicate data between various platforms and iSeries environments. 

Environment:  JDA MMS,  RPG, CL, Java, SQL, Aldon CMS, DB2 Triggers, ILE functions and utilities, Crystal Reports, Web Methods APIs, FTP


Amscan, NY  (Aug 2005 – Dec 2005)

iSeries Consultant

·       Participated in BPCS 5.1 maintenance and production support.  Wrote ZMOD to BPCS interface.  Developed Sales/Inventory history report generated on iSeries server and downloaded into Excel format.  Responsible for day-to-day support for Passport Xchange EDI system.   Used AS/SET as the development tool and program generator. 

Environment:  BPCS, AS/SET,  RPG, CL, Java, SQL, Aldon CMS, DB2 Triggers, ILE functions and utilities, FTP


VIKO Publishing House, Russia  (Nov 2003 – Aug 2005)

Project Manager and AS/400 Consultant

·       Designed and created ERP application for the international client in a printing industry.       

·       Worked with DB2-based relational triggered database and AS/400 green screen multilingual UI.

·       Wrote business procedures to support GL, AP, AR, Cash remittance, Shop Floor, Order Entry, Billing, Inventory control, Shipping, and CRM; performed Web marketing reporting.

Environment:  RPG, CL, JavaScript, CGI, SQL, DB2 Triggers, ILE functions and utilities, FTP


Murray Feiss International, NY  (Dec 2001 – Sep 2003)

AS/400 Project Leader

·       Support and modification of Palm PC to AS/400 sales interface used during trade shows.  Data was communicated via modem to BPCS, automatically processed and goods were shipped to the customer within one day.  

·       Creation of customer notification system (CNS) that automatically emails order progress and financials from BPCS to the customers

·       Day-to-day BPCS production support; EDI to BPCS interface support.

Environment:  BPCS, AS/SET, RPG, ILE functionality, CL, SQL, Palm Sales Organizer, Java based sales interface, EDI interface


Quality Business Systems, Inc., CT  (Sep 2000 – Dec 2001)


·       Taught Java related technologies, including Java, JFC/Swing, AWT, JDBC, JNI, Java Applets, Servlets, Java Beans, J2EE, EJB, JSP, Multithreading, RMI, CORBA, XML, HTML, and SQL.


Thomson Newspapers, CT  (Feb 2000 – Sep 2000)

Software Engineer

·       Responsible for development, testing and deployment of enterprise Internet applications and tools, including Electronic Classifieds, Directory Search, Ad Alert, and EMail System.

Environment:  Java, HTML, XML, servlets, RMI, EJB, SQL, Oracle 8i, JavaScript, CORBA, JNDI, UNIX


JDA Software, CT  (Feb 1997 – Feb 2000)

AS/400 Sr. Technical Analyst and Technical Manager

·       Installed and configured IBM WebSphere.  For company needs designed, coded and tested Java-based Intranet Bonus Assessment System. 

·       Created functional and technical specifications for various applications based on the results of business application analysis meetings

·       Assisted in three full-cycle software implementations for the biggest accounts in the company  

·       Developed interfaces between Merchandise Management Systems and Point-of-Sale (POS) systems for clients including Stride Right Corporation, Casual Corner, Duane Reade, and Chanel, Inc.

·       Participated in new application development and an existing programs maintenance using subfile processing (Page-by-Page, Partial, Load-All), Message subfiles, Windows, Menu Bars, Embedded/ Interactive SQL/400, service programs, Triggers, program binding, referential integrity of DB2/400, and AS/400 System APIs.

·       Provided technical support for the development team, ensuring compliance with local programming standards for each corporate client.

Environment:  JDA MMS, RPG, ILE, CL, SQL, PDT, DB2/400


Michael Anthony Jewelers, Inc., NY  (Jun 1995 – Feb 1997)

AS/400 Sr. Programmer/Analyst

·       Completed conversion from legacy system to Billing Planning Control System (BPCS) 5.02 system.

·       Applications included Order Entry, Billing, Inventory Control, Shop Floor Control, AP, AR,  and GL.

·       Modified existing code and created new programs for “assetized” programs using AS/SET ADK.

·       Participated in new application development and program maintenance utilizing subfiles, message subfiles, APIs, message handling and other innovative programming techniques.

·       Wrote design specifications for programming staff.

·       Supported production and provided troubleshooting/testing assistance.

Environment:  BPCS, AS/SET, RPG, ILE functions utilizing service programs and procedures, CL, SQL


United Distillers of North America, CT (Jun 1993 – Jun 1995)

AS/400 Sr. Programmer/Analyst

·       Designed/coded modifications for BPCS, Order Entry, Inventory, and GL.

·       Analyzed reporting needs and designed logistical reports.

·       Assisted in system conversion from BPCS 2.05 to 4.00.

·       Designed automated plant electronic interface between Mapics and BPCS Order Entry/Billing.

Environment:  BPCS, AS/SET, RPG, CL, SQL



B.S., Computer Science, Latvia State University; Riga, Latvia

IBM Certified Specialist (1999)

Sun Certified Programmer for Java 2 Platform (2000)